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From: John Colorado
Subject: Farmer turned rancher Chapter 4by John of Colorado
Farmer turned rancherIf you are not of age or man/man sex bothers you, or this illegal in your
area, then I suggest you leave NOW! Why are you still here, I told you to
leave! The names have been changed but the story itself is basically based
upon facts. However, it is fiction.Chapter 4Just before harvest time, I fell and broke my leg. Jack Carlos did not know
what to do and didn't want to try to set it. He rode over to his parent's
place and brought them back. Mrs. Chavez went right to work..She had her husband and Jack Carlos tied me down so that I could not
move. She then took hold of my leg and pulled. I have never had such pain
in all my life. I yelled so loud that I am sure all the neighbors for miles
around could here me. She stopped and rolled up a piece of leather and told
me to bite down on it. She just did not have the strength to get the bone
back in place. Mr. Chavez tried and he couldn't do either. They decided to
wait until morning and go for a doctor.Much to my surprise , Jack Carlos had gone to the Indian camp and brought
my friend, Big Man, my name for him, back with him. He told Mrs. Chavez
that he could pull it into place and she could tie splints on it to keep it
from moving. He notched the splints and put the leather strips into the
notches so that my ankle could be bound to prevent the leg from slipping
up, thus holding the leg in place.I don't know what they did, for I had passed out which was the best thing
for me. When I woke up, Sarah and Mark were sitting by my bed hold my
hands. Mark was saying, "Daddy Paul, don't die. I love you. Please Daddy
Paul, Please."I took him in my arms and told him "Mark, I love you to son. I am not going
to die. If I did who would take care of you?"Sarah took off on the run, screaming, "Daddy Jack, Come quick! Daddy Paul
is awake""Jack Carlos, did you hear what the children called us. How does that make
you feel?"" Mrs. Chavez, I guess that makes you Grandma. And that is what we are
going to call you from now on. Thanks for all you did for me. Big Man, You
know that you are Uncle Big Man now.""I don't know what `Uncle' means. It must be a good name or you wouldn't
call me that""After all the pain you put me through, that is a terrible name and the
worse one I could think of." Laughed Paul. "No, I was just kidding. It is a
name that your brother's kids call you. You are my brother aren't you?""Yes, I am and I like being called Uncle Big Man. What are the kids to me,
if I am their uncle?""They would be your niece and nephew." Replied Paul."I think I like Sarah and preteen lol nude xxx
Mark better. That is what I will call them."
Responded Uncle Big Man. "Now, you listen to me. I am the son of a medicine
man.. I know what I am talking about. You have to stay off you leg for
several weeks and give it a chance to heal. If not you will end up a
cripple. I will stay here and help Jack Carlos and the kids take care of
you. You will do as we say, Yes!" Said Uncle Big man very sternly.Before he could reply, Mrs. Chavez said, "You listen to Uncle Big Man. He
know what he is talking about. We can take the children home with us until
you are well.""Grandma, we want to stay here with Daddy Paul and help Uncle Big Man and
Daddy Jack Carlos. We promise not to be any trouble." Said Mark, who trying
to hold back the tears."Grandma Chavez, the children have been through so much lately. I think it
best for them to stay here. If need be we can bring them over later. Thank
you for offering. lolita ukraine nude pics I hope that I haven't offended you. I appreciate your
kindness and offer to help." Responded Paul."No offense taken. It is easy to see the love that all of you have for each
other. I know the children will be well taken care of. Children if those
three big lugs give you any problems just let me know and I will come over
here and take a switch to all of their butts." laughed Grandma Chavez."And I will help her!" expounded Grandpa Chavez who had come into the
room. He was carrying a pair of crutches made from two tree branches. Jack
Carlos had cut a rawhide into a long strip and wound it over the curved
ends to make a protective covering to protect Paul's underarms from
becoming sore." You have to wait one week before trying them out and then only when Jack
Carlos and I are there to help steady you. We don't want you falling and
doing more damage than is already done." declared Uncle Big Man. "One more
thing, you are to sleep in a bed by yourself. Jack Carlos and I can sleep
in the hay loft.""My leg is the only thing that is broken. The rest of me is just fine."
Protested Paul. Now, the adults in the room were roaring with laughter."Daddy Paul, I will sleep on the floor by your bed in case you need
anything during the night." Said little Mark. This cause another burst of
laughter.."Come here Mark, I think I need a hug and a kiss. Sarah you can have one,
too. Those two uglydonkeys don't get any loving and they can just sleep in the barn with all
the other animals." roared Paul with laughter. "I got you didn't I?" Paul
knew that sleeping in the barn was no punishment for those two. In fact he
knew there would be very little sleeping."Just you wait, we'll get even" said Jack Carlos.Mr. and Mrs. Chavez had to leave before it go dark. They had two hours of
travel and could not do it in the dark. They knew that they were leaving
Paul in good hands and would check on him in a few days.Paul thanked them again for coming and the kids hugged and kissed them
good-bye.In two weeks, Paul was getting around on his crutches very well. Now
harvest was in full swing. Paul couldn't help in the fields but he did a
wonderful job supervising the kids not old enough to help in the
fields. The older women stayed at the house with Paul. The women and kids
were glad to be included in all the work that he had for them. There were
fruits and vegetables to be washed and peeled for jams and canning. There
was something for everyone to do. Paul and his crew became very efficient
and soon they had every mason jar filled.Paul took a gallery lol nude toplist couple of the men and went to the clay field to get clay to
make more jars. Of course they wouldn't have lids but the could use bees
wax to preserve the produce. Two of men found some wild bees and were able
to get enough wax to 13yo lolitas internal cumshot complete the job. Paul had several hives that his dad
had started so there was lots of honey to be used as sweetener.Paul had planted a large field cane and with a juice press, there was
enough sugar to go around. Sugar involved a lot of work. After the cane was
pressed, the juice had to be boiled until all the liquid was removed . This
was set in the sun to completely dry young little nude lolita
and what was left was sugar and was
brown in color.In the evening, Paul had everyone from the smallest child to the oldest
person making jars for the food. This became a social time with lots of
singing and story telling. Jars of every shape and description were
made. There were large lolita russian models galleries lolita preteen panty model
crocks to be used for making wine, pickles and
sauerkraut. There were little pots and all sizes in between. No one got
their pot thrown out. Paul would supervise loading his kiln and fire it
later that night when everyone had gone to bed. Some of the men took turns
with him keep the fires going.The settlers were amazed as to the quality and quantity of food that Paul
and his crew produced. Everyone knew that come winters, they would enjoy
the work and toil of all. The root cellars were filled and a lot of the
fruit had been dried. They children loved the dried fruit, so a lot of
extra was made just for them.The corn and maize had been gathered and now the animals would have extra
fodder and would help them survive the winter. Some of the corn had been
canned and would be used with all the other vegetables.One of the farmers had a small gist mill powered by running water. So
therefore, we were able to grind our grain into flour. This was a lot
easier and faster than each of us doing it by hand.Now that the harvest was over, the weather had started changing. So the
hogs and steers were butchered. The smoke houses were all full and that
delightful aroma filled the air. The ice cave had been filled with wild
game and meat from the farms. This ice cave was a life saver in the summer
time. Of course , it provide ice to make ice cream which was love by all
young and old alike. We all had ice for our coolers and therefore, we bbs hentai loli gallery had
less food spoiling and going to waste.Lard was rendered. Soap made. Preparations for winters were now
complete. Mr. and Mrs. Chavez had invited everyone to their house for
Thanksgiving diner in three weeks. Everyone agreed to be there knowing that
this would a fun time for all.After my accident, Jack Carlos and I began to grow apart. Neither one of us
could figure out what was happening, but we knew something was coming
between us. One day when were over to his parents house his mother took us
out onto the porch and sat us down. "OK, guys, I want to know what is going
on!""What do you mean?" asked Jack Carlos."I know that something is bothering both of you. You just don't seem to
have spark that you once had. It looks like you two are falling out of
love!" She replied."We have been asking ourselves that very same thing. So far we have not
been able to figure anything out." Paul disclosed. "We thought that with me
breaking my leg, and with the harvest that we were just to busy for each
other.""It seems to be more than that. We are still friends and think a lot of the
other one. Just something is not right." declared Jack Carlos "What we had,
no one will ever be able to take that from us. We will always love and
respect the other person. We just may not be able to be full time
partners.""Have you thought about separation for awhile? You might want to give that
a try. You two were so good for each other lolitas top sites bbs and I don't want to see you lose
what you once had." remarked Mrs. Chavez."We have talked about that also and we have decided to stay together until
spring. We will make a decision then. We will have lots of time to talk and
think during the long winter months." Said Jack Carlos."That will be just fine. Don't shut the doors of communication between
you. I would like to see you stay together but if you do separate do it in
a friendly way. Be friends, even if you can't be lovers." Commented
Mrs. Chavez "Just remember you have those two little kids who have gone
through a whole lot. Don't fight in front of them. Give them all your love,
they need it.""Mrs. Chavez, we have already decided that if we split, it will be on good
terms. There will be no fighting. Neither one of us want to hurt those kids
or each other. They come first in both of our lives." Said Paul as he was
hugging Mrs. Chavez. "Thank you for your concerns. We may be coming to you
often with our problems.""Yes, Mom, Thank you. We love you!" Said Jack Carlos giving both of them a
big hug.Two days before the Thanksgiving dinner, a small wagon train with just 5
wagons headed for California, stopped by Paul's place. Paul convinced them
to stay for dinner and maybe longer. Winter time is not the time to be
traveling in a wagon. He could tell that there wasn't a whole lot on money
with them and they probably wouldn't survive the winter if they went on
down the trail.It was during dinner, that Paul and Jack Carlos discovered what was causing
the trouble between them. There was a cute young girl about Jack Carlos'
age that kept flirting with him and he flirting back.Mrs. Chavez picked up used books lolita files on this and finally got the boys alone. "Jack Carlos,
I know what your problem is. You like girls and not men. Now you have to
decide which one you want.""I think you are right, Mom. How do I know and how do I decide." questioned
Jack Carlos." I am not going to decide for you. bbs hentai loli gallery This is something that you will have to
do on your own. I want you and Paul to discuss it completely. This is
between the two of you." Mrs. Chavez asserted very firmly. "I will abide by
and support your decision.
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